Another priceless amenity included in the service is feeling like a bad ass as you walk off a helicopter.

Helicopter service offers $99 rides from Manhattan to NYC-area airports

  NEW YORK (PIX11) – Bumper to bumper traffic, don’t you love it? — said no one ever. More than likely, you’ve found yourself in a traffic nightmare while on ...

Having some afternoon bubbly with my invisible boo.

New app creates invisible boyfriend or girlfriend for single people

  NEW YORK (TRP) – “Why aren’t you married yet?” It’s the age-old question that could infuriate any single person who is just minding his or her own business. What ...


New service lets you eulogize loved ones – while they’re still alive

  BROOKLYN (TRP) – It’s billed as the “most meaningful gift on earth” and will leave just about anyone feeling special. A new service called Tribute allows users to literally ...

The Broke Fix

andrew ramos at two bros pizza

The Best Dollar Slices In NYC Uncovered [VIDEO]

  It’s no secret: dollar slice pizzerias are a dime a dozen ...
Breakfast idea for the morning after

VIDEO: Quick & Slick Breakfast Idea For “The Morning After”

It’s a scenario that most of us can identify with very well: ...

Showcase Your Photos & Child’s Artwork Like A Pro

  For those of you looking for an inexpensive – and slick ...

Latest News

NYC 59th street bridge

SEE IT: Stunning drone footage shows NYC like you’ve never seen before

  NEW YORK (PIX11) – They’re awe-inspiring sights of New York City that rival any video game or Hollywood blockbuster out there. Angles some have never seen of the Big Apple’s most famous sights and they were captured by Bronx photographer and drone enthusiast Victor Chu. From over the iconic Brooklyn Bridge to the famed […]

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From A-listers to local celebrities, Andrew Ramos talks to them all. Do you have a story? Tell us.

Year In Review: The people & stories that made 2014 AMAZING

In 2014, we laughed, we cried and we danced. From a singing janitor in Harlem to a straphanger searching for love in the New York City subway, they were the names and faces we introduced you to this year. It goes without saying – their stories made 2014 all the more interesting. Early in the […]

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10-year-old fan who made Justin Timberlake cry talks about now-viral moment

  STATEN ISLAND (TRP) – When it comes to pop stars, it’s usually the fans who get overwhelmed with emotion. The tables got turned however, at a recent show at the Barclays Center where Justin Timberlake was caught off guard when he came across a 10-year-old boy in the front row. “How old are you […]

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Brooklyn man takes extreme measure to preserve decade-old beard

  WILLIAMSBURG, Brooklyn (PIX11) – If you ask any man who’s ever rocked a serious beard, there’s a special bond that develops. Whether it’s the time invested in growing it out or the amount of grooming one takes to make it look its best – in some ways it becomes an extension of the man. […]

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Anaconda man Paul Rosolie responds to viewers disappointed that he didn’t get ‘Eaten Alive’

  NEW YORK (PIX11) – He tried but in the end Paul Rosolie just couldn’t get “Eaten Alive” by a massive anaconda. The heavily promoted Discovery Channel special attracted over 4 million curious viewers Sunday night but the final result wasn’t anything close to what the name of the epic 2-hour special suggested. “I did […]

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Students give their honest and unfiltered view of Eric Garner case

  BAYVIEW, Brooklyn (TRP) –  It’s a concern Mayor de Blasio has had with his own son. The unfortunate reality he says, is the special care that needs to be taken by black youth who are approached by police officers. While critics slammed the mayor for his stance, there’s no denying that the conversation is […]

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WATCH: Sassy school kids give their take on Thanksgiving

  BERGEN BEACH, Brooklyn (TRP) — We all have our our own perspective on Thanksgiving. Some of us see it as a time for family and others find it a tad stressful, but what about the youngin’s? Andrew Ramos spent the day with children from the Millennium Development program in Bergen Beach, Brooklyn where they […]

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According to Jorge Pena, he can no longer take the subway nor wear his now-famous 8-ball jacket after the attack.

8 ball jacket-wearing man opens up on ‘slapping soul’ out of girl in NYC subway

  BROOKLYN (PIX11) – Sporting the 8-ball leather jacket that has gained him notoriety on the streets and online, Jorge Peña faced reporters for the first time Thursday, nearly a week after his involvement in a now-viral subway brawl that was uploaded to YouTube. Describing the events that led up to the altercation where he […]

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George Carlin gets last laugh after 3-year feud with childhood church

  MORNINGSIDE HEIGHTS, Manhattan (PIX11) — After a long uphill battle, late-comedian George Carlin finally got his due getting a section of West 121st Street in his old neighborhood of Morningside Heights re-named in his honor. As family and supporters know all too well, the tribute didn’t materialize overnight. Carlin, known for his crude standup, would […]

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Dubbed the toughest workout in town, “Grynd” offered at Epic Hybrid Training in Midtown promises to shed as many as 1200 calories in just one session.

WATCH: Toughest workout in NYC promises to shed calories, build superhero physique

  NEW YORK (PIX11) – Crossfit, been there. Soul cycle, done that. Now a new workout trend being offered here in the Big Apple, is promising to deliver some super results. Dubbed the toughest workout in town, “Grynd” offered at Epic Hybrid Training in Midtown promises to shed as many as 1200 calories in just […]

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