Pint-sized ballerinas put on big show despite disabilities

  FAIR LAWN, N.J. — When it comes to being graceful, your average swan has nothing on these girls. They’re students from the Children’s Therapy Center in Fair Lawn, New Jersey ...

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NJ man takes terminally ill dog on ‘bucket list adventure’ across country

JERSEY CITY (PIX11) — If you thought bucket lists were reserved for only humans, you clearly never met Poh the dog. The 15-year-old pup recently hit the road with his ...

David Letterman smiles as he hosts the premiere of his talk show on NBC television, "Late Night With David Letterman" in the NBC studios in New York City, New York. (Feb 1, 1982)

#ThanksDave: A look back at David Letterman’s impact on the TV

  NEW YORK — In a career that started out on local news as a snarky weatherman in Indiana, David Letterman eventually found his niche in late night TV. 33 ...

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andrew ramos at two bros pizza

The Best Dollar Slices In NYC Uncovered [VIDEO]

  It’s no secret: dollar slice pizzerias are a dime a dozen ...
Breakfast idea for the morning after

VIDEO: Quick & Slick Breakfast Idea For “The Morning After”

It’s a scenario that most of us can identify with very well: ...

Showcase Your Photos & Child’s Artwork Like A Pro

  For those of you looking for an inexpensive – and slick ...

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VIDEO: The internet responds after Shaq face plants on live TV

  NEW YORK — We all know the expression “if a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a noise?” Well what if a Shaq falls on live TV and everyone saw it (over and over again thanks to YouTube), does it make a noise? Hell […]

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Tom Brady knew his balls were being manhandled: ‘Deflategate’ report

  NEW YORK — We didn’t exactly need a Maury lie detector test to crack this case. After denying claims he took part in the so-called Deflategate scandal, an investigation has concluded that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady knew exactly what was going on. The whole time. According to the lengthy 243 page document […]

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van-gogh lookalike in brooklyn

Brooklyn man who bears uncanny resemblance to Van Gogh freaks out internet

  NEW YORK — Vincent Van Gogh is considered by many to be an icon of the art world who captured beauty, emotion and color in all his masterpieces. The post-Impressionist painter known for being a brilliant yet troubled genius, died of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound at the age of 37 over a century […]

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What is MyIdol? The Chinese cartoon app everyone is going crazy over

  NEW YORK — For most of us, when boredom strikes we search for a much-needed distraction. Nowadays that distraction usually comes in the form of a mobile app. The issue is, they will keep you entertained only until you’re bored again. Just ask PIX11’s own Dan Mannarino — who got a little too carried […]

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‘It tastes like mud & poop’ — Man swims in disease-infested Gowanus Canal for Earth Day

  GOWANUS CANAL (PIX11) — You can call Christopher Swain two things: insane or insanely passionate. The activist set out on a brazen mission Wednesday, to swim the entire length of Brooklyn’s obscenely polluted Gowanus Canal. Wearing a yellow dry suit along with earplugs, a water cap, goggles and water barrier cream for his face, Swain’s […]

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What does it all mean!? — The internet is freaking out over NY quadruple rainbow

  GLEN COVE, Long Island — At some point or another, we’ve all witnessed some seriously incredible rainbows. Like this gem recently captured after takeoff from LaGuardia Airport. And who could forget about the legendary double rainbow that made a grown man cry. (See below.) ‘The latest entry into the awesome rainbow list is a […]

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Tonya Harding & Nancy Kerrigan museum opens — in hallway of a NYC apartment

  WILLIAMSBURG, Brooklyn — What started out as a pipe dream has become reality for Brooklyn roommates Viviana Olen and Matt Harkins. The pair of comedians have built a one-of-kind museum in the hallway of their Williamsburg apartment dedicated to Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan – and the 1994 scandal that captivated the world. Kerrigan, […]

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Dennis Quaid’s meltdown was a hoax and I just had to get in on the action

  NEW YORK (PIX11) — The Hollywood meltdown isn’t a new thing, and if its caught on tape it’ll almost certainly get you publicity. Ask Bill O’Reilly, Charlie Sheen and Rosie O’Donnell. Remember Christian Bale’s on-set tirade or who could forget Alec Baldwin ripping apart his then pre-teen daughter on a voicemail. Whether you want […]

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Deserving teens facing obstacles treated to ‘Dream’ prom at Madison Square Garden

  NEW YORK — Like all high school teenagers, the journey to prom starts with plenty of excitement and anticipation. However for a group of local teens, that journey is just a little bit more special. The group – made up of 100 teens from across the NYC metro area – are headed to the […]

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Comedian attempts kissing-marathon at Grand Central, fails gracefully

  From the sleeping on the subway bit to the zombie takeover in Union Square, New Yorkers are the constant target of YouTube pranksters. Now entering the fray is local comedic actress – and apparent kissing machine – Farah Brook. In a YouTube video titled “Kiss Me NYC,” Brook makes several hilarious attempts to kiss complete […]

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