2012: The Year To Save Some Dough & Make It Rain… Everywhere

So 2011 is over. All the mistakes and regrets of mishandling your money are a thing of the past. Here are a few solid tips on how to approach 2012 with a better outlook on your bank account so you will have the funds to make it rain all year round:

1. Clip coupons: Although it may be time-consuming, clipping coupons will probably save you the most money in 2012. From eating out (see Groupon) to hitting the grocery store (see couponcabin.com) the savings are bananas. You should definitely reserve time once a week to see what these sites have to offer.

2. Cook more, eat out less: This is kind of a duh at this point. Eating out all the time can cause serious injury to your wallet. Making your lunch, throwing a Lean Cuisine in the microwave or bracing yourself and turning on the oven to actually cook will save you serious cash. If you’re not the cooking-type of person, like me and half of America (and every freaking girl I’ve ever dated), just turn on one of the 100 cooking shows on TV. They’re there for a reason.

3. Buy in bulk: Whether its toilet paper or cereal, buying stuff you will need all year round in large quantities, will save you not only money but time. Membership warehouses like Costco, BJ’s or Sam’s Club boast shockingly low price tags when compared to grocery store chains. For example, a 12-pack of brand name toilet paper can cost you about $10-$12 at Pathmark where at Costco, spending $2 more can get you a 24-pack. (That’s 2 rolls a month which will come in handy especially for the mid-year breakup or those inevitable stomach-churning meals you’ll have this year.)

4. Take advantage of credit card points/miles: Whether its miles or points you get as part of your credit card rewards program, keep tabs on it. Believe it or not but some credit card users don’t even know about the points they amass throughout the year and end up losing out as those sneaky credit card companies and their sneaky reward partners post sneaky deadlines for using points. Depending on your credit card’s program, you may be entitled to a bevy of gift cards, merchandise and miles for your next trip. If it turns out, you don’t even have a rewards program affiliated with your credit card account, cancel your account right now.

5. Cancel memberships, subscriptions you don’t use: It may be that gym membership you never use or Netflix account you forgot about. Regardless of what it is, its burning a hole in your pocket. Get rid of it. A good way to manage your automatic-payment purchases is to move them all over to one credit card which we will call the auto-pay card for those of you who like snazzy nicknames.

*As 2012 unravels, definitely set goals for things you want to do that involve forking over money. If you have that trip coming up or wedding, or whatever, set those budgets and stay on course. Its all about being organized people! It’s 2012, get it together!

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Author:Andrew Ramos

I'm a reporter in New York. I talk to people. We have a blast.


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