Afghan Child-Bride Tortured By In-Laws For Resisting Prostitution

KABUL, AFGHANISTAN (TRP) – After six months of severe torture by her in-laws, a 15-year-old Afghan girl has been freed and is now recovering from her injuries which include ripped out fingernails and broken fingers, authorities said.

According to officials in Afghanistan, the victim, identified as Sahar Gul, was abused for resisting attempts by her in-laws and husband to submit to prostitution.

Gul, who was held captive inside her husband’s basement, was rescued last week when her uncle called local authorities. She is reportedly in India receiving medical treatment.

The disturbing story has sparked outrage not only in Afghanistan but around the world. President Hamid Karzai said whoever is responsible for subjecting the teen to torture will be punished.

As of Monday, the girl’s mother-in-law, father-in-law and sister-in-law are in police custody while her husband remains at large.

While human activists have made strides in shedding light at the shocking abuse that women in Afghanistan are subjected to, the story of Sahar Gul is sadly a common one.

The BBC reports that women in the war-torn country suffer severe domestic abuse at the hands of their own family or in-laws.

With military drawdown continuing to be an ongoing and major concern in the area, human rights – especially for women – are regrettably a backseat issue.

Officials say Sahar Gul’s will to live kept her alive. Her horrific ordeal should serve as a testament of human determination and perseverance. Click here to learn more about the human rights movement in Afghanistan.

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