Yay, Boo & Meh Week In Review

Well it’s been a long week with a fair share of yays, boos and the perennial mehs. Let’s now take a moment to look back at the week that was:

YAY to The Birth of Blue Ivy: After months of speculation on whether or not Beyonce was really preggers, the R&B diva popped out a bundle of swag, appropriately named Blue Ivy. To commemorate the joyous occasion, papa Jay-Z released a new song titled “Glory” where the infant’s gurgles are used as a backup track. Days later, the song debuts at No. 74 on the Billboard R&B/Hip Hop charts, making 5-day-old Blue Ivy the youngest artist in history to appear on the chart, in turn making infants everywhere look incredibly lazy.

Listen to Jay-Z’s “Glory”:

BOO to 50 Cent Twitpic-Hate: Days after the arrival of Blue Ivy, 50 Cent – who clearly has a lot of time on his hands – sent out a congratulatory tweet to Bey and Jay, where he Photoshopped Jay-Z’s face onto an infant’s body. Although cheap and unprovoked, a big shout out goes to Fiddy for learning Photoshop. I guess you have to stay busy doing something, especially when no one bought your last two albums.

MEH to Everything Pertaining To Baby Blue Ivy: Despite all the news happening around the world this week, at times it seemed Blue Ivy was the only thing people were talking about. From an investigation that was launched at Lenox Hill Hospital claiming mistreatment by other expectant parents to reports speculating whether the Roc Nation heir was a pint-sized diva, the media truly had a serious case of mindless pop culture diarrhea.

YAY to HBO’s “On Freddie Roach”: If you haven’t made time for any television this season, you need to find it for the upcoming docu-series on ace trainer Freddie Roach. Widely known for being the trainer of Filipino boxing legend Manny Pacquiao, Roach gives a camera crew unprecedented access into his life as he juggles Parkinson’s disease and running the best-known boxing gym in the world. The trailer by itself will give you goosebumps. Premieres: Friday, Jan. 20 at 9:30 p.m. on HBO. (Freddie also gets points with me for the epic shoutout he gave me earlier this week.)

BOO to Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s Twitter Challenge: Earlier this week Floyd Mayweather Jr. shot off a few combative tweets in a quest to get Manny Pacquiao in the ring on May 5 for what would be the biggest fight of the millennium. In the tweets, Mayweather went as far as calling Pacman a “punk.” Meanwhile, Floyd is headed to prison to serve a 90-day sentence for beating his ex-girlfriend – a female. But yea, Pacquiao is the punk.

MEH to Snooki throwing her hat into the ring of Boxing: If your first thought was WTF, don’t feel bad because my initial reaction was much more explicit. Apparently, Jersey Shore’s resident meatball Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi announced plans on a new venture as a boxing promoter. If this doesn’t ooze “meh” than I’m clearly losing it and will be shutting this blog down by the end of the week.

YAY to  Shit Spanish Girls Say: The simple reality is, when you make me cry and howl at my work desk because I’m laughing so hard… you get a YAY. I don’t care if it’s borderline racist and chock-full of stereotypes. You get a thumbs up… and another YAY. (Watch the #shitspanishgirlssay video right now.) YAY.

BOO to U.S. Marines Peeing On Human Remains: A shocking video that purportedly shows four U.S. marines urinating on the dead bodies of Taliban members has not only sparked outrage throughout the world but also sheds light on the abundance of douchebags in Iraq and the shortage of porter potties in the Mideast.

MEH to Fred Durst’s Live Blog On Juice Fast: Huh? Yes. Exactly what you just read. Just when you thought Fred Durst left our consciousness in the 90’s as the front man of trashy rock band Limp Bizcuit, he is back with a blog. And not just a regular blog, but a live blog that documented the beginning and abrupt end of his attempt to lose weight by means of a juice fast. Why is this relevant again? Oh yea, that’s right… meh.

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