Yay, Boo & Meh Week In Review

Between all the finger wagging, opera singing and inappropriate-shaped cake licking, boy was it a long week. Did I mention how loud my neighbors are? Let’s take a look back at the week that was.

YAY to YouTube user 95Camry4Life’s Creative Thinking: This week we applaud YouTube’s95Camry4Life or better known as Ryan who instead of confronting his neighbor’s loud sex has opted to keep himself busy with mindless yet hilarious challenges. In a series of YouTube videos, Ryan challenges himself in “Thin Wall Challenges” where he needs to complete certain tasks before the couple wraps it up. If he fails the task, he tases himself. Yikes. Although kinda stupid and borderline abominable, it’s highly entertaining. Ryan, you get a YAY for being both creative and sad.

BOO to Arizona Governor Jan Brewer: Republican nutjob Gov. Jan Brewer claims she went with “a happy heart” to greet President Barack Obama on the tarmac of an Arizona airport Wednesday, but instead a photograph told a different story. Brewer is seen wagging her finger at Obama in a photo op like no other. A dozen interviews later, Brewer’s book has skyrocketed up Amazon’s top-selling book list. Only in America where disrespect for the highest position in office can translate to book sales.  Know your place Brewer. Boo.

MEH to Miley Cyrus & Her Penis Cake-Licking “Controversy”: Yes. I can’t believe it myself. Miley Cyrus made headlines this week for having some birthday cake. Oh yeah, I should mention the cake was in the shape of a giant brown penis. Despite the outcry by conservatives and soccer moms everywhere, I really think the bigger controversy is that she was breathing and wagging her tongue all over a cake that is supposed to be feeding dozens of people. It’s cold and flu season Miley. You have to be more responsible.

YAY to Pizza Cook/YouTube Singing Sensation Carmelo Raccuglia: In what was probably my favorite story of the week, it appears Susan Boyle has finally met her match. While dining at a Long Island pizzeria, customers were treated to an impromptu mini opera concert when cook Carmelo Raccuglia belted out the timeless classic “Nessum Dorma.” After customers shot some of it on a camera phone and later uploaded it to a small website called YouTube, Raccuglia became a bona fide web sensation. With appearances on several television programs like Good Morning America and Inside Edition, it’s clear this will not be the last time we hear from Raccuglia. Yay indeed.

BOO to East Haven Mayor Joe Maturo: It’s only January and there already seems to be a clear winner for 2012’s Most Ignorant Person Holding Public Office. In wake of a growing scandal within the East Haven police department where 4 officers were accused of racially profiling local Latinos, Mayor Joe Maturo told a local reporter Tuesday that he was mulling over the idea of having “tacos” as a form of outreach to the already-insulted Latino community. Mayor Maturo… come and get your award.

Watch the shocking video for yourself:

MEH to America’s Resident Psycho Newt Gringich: Not only does Newt get a MEH from me this week (see: Newt’s hilarious “moon colonization” plans) but he manages to scoop up a WOW, as his lasting power in this campaign season has surprised not only me, but many of his rivals. I think Newt’s Energizer bunny campaign doesn’t really demonstrate how much of a contender he is for the White House, but rather sheds light on the slew of crazies in this country. #Justsaying

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