Yay, Boo & Meh Week In Review

From what $h*! girls from Harlem say to what they say when they get a call from their drunk ex-boyfriends, it was a week of she-said, he-said. Let’s go to the score cards…

YAY to Azealia Banks: She’s a 20-year-old rapper from Harlem who has a filthy mouth, an apparent obsession with her c*** and a wicked single out that I’ve been sweating all month. I don’t want to cause a ruckus but I think I found my wife. The video for her hit single “212” has not only clocked in over 3  million views on YouTube, but has gotten attention from several high-profile stars. Kanye West even follows her on Twitter. She’s undeniably cute, but cute in that sexy dangerous way that you kinda get obsessed with where you take moments out of your day thinking “I wonder what Azealia is doing.” Wait did I just say all that?

BOO to $h*! People Say Videos: So can we all agree that Shit whoever says videos has already run in its course. We all had our fun and our LOL moments  while checking out these videos at work, but enough is enough. Shit Lakers Fans Say? Really? Seriously? We all have our deal-breakers. I think it’s time to get the pitchfork out because it’s over. It’s done. Goodbye.

MEH to Erika Lee, Ex-Girlfriend Of Rapper Drake Who Apparently Inspired “Marvin’s Room”: Yes, she has a name. For months fans have been trying to figure out who Drake’s muse was in the monster-hit “Marvin’s Room,” the breakout single from his number 1 album “Take Care.” That mystery girl is Erika Lee and she’s upset. She’s so upset that she’s now suing Drake for not giving her a co-writing credit in the track. Uh, if I recall, Erika, if you’re with a “good guy,” why the hell did your ass pick up the phone. What were you saying anyway? I can barely understand your ass. Sounded like you had a bunch of walnuts in your mouth. Writing credit? Psssh. Just saying.

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Author:Andrew Ramos

I'm a reporter in New York. I talk to people. We have a blast.


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