3 Slick Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas That Will Make Anyone Look Adorable

Every year, people make such a big deal about Valentine’s Day: what to buy, where to go and most importantly – who to spend it with. And after it’s all said and done, you’re hundreds of dollars in the hole and probably feeling a little silly.

After all, Valentine’s Day is a manufactured holiday conjured up by Corporate America and the evil empire known as The Hallmark Company. I mean, if Wikipedia says so – it has to be true.

Enough about conspiracy theories, right now we’re going to talk about three slick gift ideas that will not only make you look savvy and level-headed this February 14th, but will make you utterly adorable to your significant other. (DISCLAIMER: Results may vary, as I am not a magician.)

1. Cook An Old-Fashion Dinner For Two: Yes. As simple as this sounds, this is a winner each and every time especially if you don’t cook regularly. There’s nothing sexier than putting in some effort for that special someone. Things like that get noticed and will get you far (Axe need not be sprayed.) If you’re low on dough… you are in luck as I recently put together a snazzy meal for 2 at the 99 cents store — yes, the 99 cents store — with the help of my buddy Chef Michael Ferraro. You’re welcome.

2. Basket Of Awesomeness: This is an idea that worked for me when I was a broke teen with a girl and a minimum-waged retail job. The key to putting together this basket of awesomeness is… listening (CUE MUSIC). Basically, you throw together a basket or bag of all the stuff she likes. Whether it’s Peanut M&M’s, Red Bull or her favorite chapstick, this arrangement will not only be inexpensive but it will actually serve as concrete evidence that you do pay attention to her. The art of listening plays a critical role in this as, if you don’t listen to her on a regular basis, you probably don’t have a clue what she’s into. (DISCLAIMER: This bag of awesomeness should only be used in times of desperation, i.e. you’re unemployed, broke or relegated to a bed because of an injury. Do not try this otherwise.)

3. Create A Craft-astic Momento Recapping The Past Year: Whether it was the photo you snapped at the beach last summer or the recent outing you had with friends, choose the best photos and throw them into a multi-collage frame. If you’re a wiz at Photoshop, get creative and invite Kanye West to the party or dramatize your photos by adding sick effects. Its incredibly thoughtful and will definitely get you plenty of points.  In the event that you are the proud follower iPad owner, Scrap Pad is definitely a fun app to look into. With a price tag of $4.99 and a user-friendly design, scrapbooking has never been easier.  Check this demo.

So as Valentine’s Day approaches, take a deep breath and keep in mind that  you have 364 other opportunities to do whatever you don’t accomplish on that day.

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