Showcase Your Photos & Child’s Artwork Like A Pro


For those of you looking for an inexpensive – and slick – way to showcase your photos or child’s artwork, look no further. A quick stop at your local 99 cents store is all you need.

Stores like Dollar Tree and Dollar Dream carry a very impressive selection of picture frames. You’d be very surprised like I was on a recent visit.

Basically the idea is to buy 2 frames for each thing you want to showcase. (So if you have 3 photos or pieces of artwork you want to display, you will be purchasing a total of 6 frames.) Feel free to mix and match, but make sure each pair is the same size and style. 

Pop out the back panels for each frame, removing the glass from one. Take your photo/artwork and center it behind the framed glass. (You may want to wipe it down before hand, to avoid any fingerprints.) Replace the original back paneling for the picture frame with the second piece of glass.

Sealing the two pieces of glass with scotch tape may be a good idea depending on how secure you think the glass is in the frame. This is optional. Use your best judgement.

After you lock in the glass into place with the frame’s snap locks, the job is now complete. Now you truly have a work of art and you didn’t have to spend a fortune.

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