Why You’ll Never Eat Ramen Noodles, Gatorade Ever Again

NEW YORK (TRP) – It’s a disturbing YouTube video that’s not only raising eyebrows but destroying late-night past time traditions everywhere.

The video, produced by TEDxManhattan 2011 Fellow Stefani Bardin, shows us what happens – or rather what doesn’t happen – inside your body when you eat Top Ramen noodles and Gatorade versus when you eat non-processed, whole foods.

With the use of a tiny camera capsule called “M2A” (which stands for Mouth to Anus), the video documents the travel of the foods from… (yep, you guessed it) from consumption to the toilet.

The differences are shockingly disturbing and has undoubtedly prompted a rash of SMHs everywhere. Long story short: Your body has an extremely tough time breaking down the processed monsters that are Ramen and Gatorade. According to Blisstree.com blogger: :

The project looks at two subjects eating two similar meals: one composed of processed foods (gatorade, ramen, and gummi bears); the other of homemade versions (hibiscus drink, homemade broth with noodles and gummi bears made of juice). What happens to the foods is drastically different; possibly because, as Bardin puts it, Top Ramen is made to survive armageddon, while homemade noodles are made to be eaten.

Damn you science! Watch the video at your own discretion:

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