Yay, Boo & Meh Week In Review

It was a week of warlords, “fat” pop stars and exhausting campaigns… and we’re just talking about Super Tuesday. Let’s take a look back at this week’s highs and lows…

YAY to the Invisible Children campaign: In a matter of days, a film documenting the atrocities by Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony has clocked in over 50 million views on YouTube. The accompanying campaign, led by the advocacy group Invisible Children, has also generated worldwide support through various forms of social media. Regardless of whether or not Kony is brought to justice, the campaign is a success and scoops up this week’s YAY as it has shed light on a shocking human rights issue most people wouldn’t have known about otherwise. And as an added bonus, for the first time in a long time, the world is captivated by a viral star who isn’t dancing around singing about a day of the week or photo-bombing a couple’s vacation, but rather a real social issue. Go us! We’re finally growing up!

BOO to Ronald Fenty, Rihanna’s dad: Don’t parents sometimes say the craziest things. In a recent interview with Heat magazine, Ronald Fenty, father to pop star Rihanna calls his daughter “fat” and her former beau/assaulter Chris Brown a “nice guy.” The obscure interview left many people scratching their heads. We’re guessing when he said “fat,” he meant phat as in pretty dope and cool. And by “nice guy,” we’re assuming English is not his first language and he thought nice meant douche. Yea that makes more sense.

MEH to Snooki’s Pregnancy: I’d rather not comment on this story, but rather have Jonah Hill dish out knowledge on this delicate subject.

Honorary BAH of the week goes to Newt Gingrich: Oh Newt, your fierce and impassioned presidential campaign has wiped you out. Gingrich was busted dosing off several times moments before he was scheduled to address the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). When Newt finally awoke, he told the crowd he was looking forward to answering questions from “the panel.” There was no panel. After going into damage control mode, Newt pulls out his life saver called “radical Islam.”  Okay Newt, back to bed. Sleepy time.

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