Top 5 Epic Ways To Quit Your Job

In honor of the eloquent New York Times op-ed piece “Why I Am Leaving Goldman Sachs “ penned by the company’s former executive director Greg Smith – where he resigned from his post and in the process lashed out the “morally bankrupt” executives running the company – we are saluting all those disgruntled employees with the gigantic balls we all wish we had.

Smith’s resignation was epic in its own right, but a few others (fiction and non-fiction) come to mind that we feel should get some praise in wake of the Goldman Sach flip off. Here we go…

The best resignation ever documented (in my opinion) was when  Scarface said what so many burger-joint employees have dreamed about:


JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater has a meltdown on board flight, curses out everyone, grabs a beer, quits his job and slides down emergency shoot. Classy.


Random dude recruits help from his band mates to march into the Providence Renaissance where he worked for three and a half years to quit:


Although epic, if you do what Wesley did in this BEAUTIFUL scene in “Wanted” when he has a complete meltdown in the office, you may get arrested:


Even though it was later revealed to be a hoax, this is an incredibly epic way to quit your job… especially if you are a hot girl. Let’s be honest, hot girls can’t really do anything wrong:

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