3 Drunks Kidnap Penguin In ‘Hangover’-Inspired Night Out

AUSTRALIA (TRP) – Three men have been charged with unlawful trespassing after they broke into an Australian Sea World and kidnapped a penguin during a booze-fueled night which reads more like the upcoming, hopefully rejected “The Hangover 3” script.

Staying true to the Hollywood premise, the British men reportedly had absolutely no recollection of the night the following morning.

According to authorities, the incident happened last Saturday night where the men not only trespassed into the marine park but stripped down to their tighty-whiteys and took a dip inside the dolphin tank. It was later when they made their way into the penguin entrapment where they snatched a 7-year-old Fairy penguin named Dirk.

The Daily Mail reports:

[The men] apparently remembered their high jinks only when they woke the following morning with hangovers to find the small fairy penguin, called Dirk, on the carpet of their rented apartment.

Yesterday one of the men – aged 18, 20 and 21 and from Wales – appeared on Australian television, where he admitted it had all been a bad mistake.

Giving his name as Rhys Jones, he said: ‘We’re really sorry for all the trouble we’ve caused.’

The penguin has since been reunited with its peers and was thankfully not harmed.
The men, whose identities weren’t immediately revealed, have been charged with trespassing and stealing a protected animal and will appear in court on May 2.

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