Comedian Fake Live-Tweets From Obama Fundraiser, Creates Web Magic

LOS ANGELES (TRP) – The biggest names in Hollywood converged on George Clooney’s home Thursday for a historic fundraising dinner that raised $15 million for President Barack Obama’s campaign.

Amid all the excitement, A-list celebs and secret service, was comedian Ben Hoffman who live-tweeted the entire event. The only problem was, he was nowhere near the high profile fundraiser but if you read his tweets, you would’ve thought otherwise.

The prankster said his sheer boredom prompted him to lead many of his followers – including a news media outlet – to believe he was rubbing elbow’s with Hollywood’s elite.

“I was just sitting at home, bored, and wanted to see if I could trick any morons into thinking I was actually at the Obama/Clooney dinner,” the LA-based comic told “To do it, I had to ‘get inside the head of a moron.’ This was depressingly easy for me.”

Hoffman’s tweets ranged from revealing a bogus guest list:

Great crowd here at Clooney/Obama dinner. Damon/Pitt/Jolie, etc. but great to see “new” stars like Taylor Swift/Zac Efron showing up.

To giving out the password for Clooney’s WiFi connection:

For anyone else at Clooney/Obama dinner, Wi-Fi network is “Clooney02” – Password is “Ocean13” (Case sensitive)

The comedian’s tweets quickly garnered an audience, including editors at Business Insider who even went as far as reporting off a few of the tweets.

“Watching reporters report my tweets as ‘fact’ was sad,” he said. “And that’s saying something, since I’m as sad as they come.”

Sad, yes. Hilarious, most definitely.

Here are some of Hoffman’s most memorable tweets from Thursday night:


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