How A Fake Celebrity Pulled Of An Epic Hoax On NYC (VIDEO)

NEW YORK (TRP) — Some may call it deceitful while others may say it’s sheer brilliance.

An average Joe who wanted a taste of fame hired a team of bodyguards, an entourage and a camera crew where he went on a mission to trick thousands of pedestrians in Times Square into thinking he’s a huge celebrity.

The big question: if you build it, will they come? The surprising answer: pretty much.

The prankster’s name is Brett Cohen and unfortunately, he’s not a pretty big deal. He’s just a regular 21-year-old guy living in New York City.

He may be “regular” but his social experiment which he uploaded to YouTube, is already going viral.

According to the video’s producers, the prank sheds tremendous light on “how modern culture is so attracted to pop culture, without any real credibility needed.”

Even though Cohen isn’t a household name yet, it’s pretty safe to say that’s he’s well on his way.

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Author:Andrew Ramos

I'm a reporter in New York. I talk to people. We have a blast.


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