‘Lifecasting’ trend making social media more obnoxious than valuable


NEW YORK (TRP) – Are you that over-sharer that documents every moment of the day on some form of social media?

The trend which is dubbed “life casting” has recently proven to be out-of-control with some users sharing a little bit too much whether it be on Facebook, Instagram, Vine or Twitter.

With a new social app debuting every other week – Instagram video being the latest – users are getting more resources to share all their business, and its driving people like Robert Taylor insane.

“Someone had a stomach virus once and they gave us a word for word description of what happened that day,” Taylor told PIX 11 News, recalling a frightening status update that prompted him to do the inevitable. “I unfriended them.”


So why do people feel the need to life cast? Curtis Karwacki of Utica, New York believes it has a lot to do with seeking favor.

“I think they just want to be validated,” he said. “They’re seeking approval from this large network of people they’re connected to on a computer. It’s kind of a generational insecurity.”

While social networks do keep people connected, others say these platforms have done the complete opposite.

“I was actually losing touch with some of my best friends because of Facebook,” Danny Kniczer said, revealing why he had to close his Facebook account. “The only things we were doing were posting on each other’s walls instead of actually hanging out [in real life] and going to the movies or something.”

“We were sending stupid messages and sharing links, and we just lost touch,” he said.

As many continue to broadcast their lives to friends and the general public, one thing should be kept in mind, student Jillian Soto told PIX News.

“The people who post the most are probably trying to just over-compensate for something that’s not even there,” she said. “If you’re telling me you’re eating something that is so great or at a place that is so awesome, is it really that great or awesome considering you’re on Facebook right now?”

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Author:Andrew Ramos

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