Anaconda man Paul Rosolie responds to viewers disappointed that he didn’t get ‘Eaten Alive’


NEW YORK (PIX11) – He tried but in the end Paul Rosolie just couldn’t get “Eaten Alive” by a massive anaconda.

The heavily promoted Discovery Channel special attracted over 4 million curious viewers Sunday night but the final result wasn’t anything close to what the name of the epic 2-hour special suggested.

“I did dozens of interviews before the show and I never said I got eaten,” Rosolie told PIX11 News via Skype Wednesday. “I said we were going to try but you know, we gave it the best shot we could. We certainly got close.”

Shortly following his televised failed stunt, viewers took to social media to complain about the false advertising which he said was ironic.

“What was even funnier was before the show [even aired] people were angry, saying ‘how could you do this to a snake?’” the naturalist said. “And then after the show they complained, ‘the show didn’t go far enough! It just didn’t go far enough!’”

According to Rosolie, the message behind the stunt was to bring attention to the rainforests and their continued destruction – a topic that very rarely gets the spotlight.

The New Jersey isn’t just an Amazon stuntman but also an accomplished author who released “Mother Of God: An Extraordinary Journey Into The Uncharted Tributaries of the Western Amazon” earlier this year.

A book, he said, inspired the televised special.

“I’m not usually feeding myself to snakes. I’m usually working to protect these species and doing research in the Amazon,” he said. “[The book] really describes how we started studying anacondas, it describes the backstory of how we discovered the floating forest and it’s really what inspired the show to go forth.”

On whether or not he has plans for another stunt, Rosolie said he’s still assessing the fallout from his latest stunt and will make a decision after the dust settles.

Talk show host Jimmy Kimmel suggested he have sex with a hippo – a suggestion Rosolie isn’t considering.

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