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One Comment on “Contact”

  1. Ronald Asinari
    June 5, 2012 at 1:50 pm #

    Mr. Ramos:

    I took your suggestion and tried 2 Bros pizza at 9th/40th. Ugh! Dough like Wonder Bread,”filling” that left a slimy oily taste in my mouth for hours, etc.

    Next. I’ll try Percy’s. Pizza in Italy isn’t always good, and once I was actully served a frozen pizza, cooked, of course, in a restaurant. I complained, walked out and not a word said.
    Perhaps they saw I was an American.

    Pizza on this side of the Atlantic is generally bad, that includes New York City. What passes for pizza is pittiful. The best pizza I ever had: Cuba 1956; thin cripy dough, a layer of finely chopped anchovies, olive oil and herbs. Wow, I can still taste it.

    All the best on your continuing hunt. Look forward to your input.

    Ronald Asinari

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