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How To NOT Sell Your Home: The Worst Real Estate ‘For Sale’ Photos EVER

While location remains a major factor in selling a home, photos advertising the actual property should be given more attention, or at the least NOT left in the hands of a rookie agent. The Hooked On Houses blog gathered up a bevy of real estate advertising photos that truly go down as the worst. If […]

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New App Designed To Guide You To Free Condoms

On the verge of getting some booty but you’re fresh out of rubbers… and cash? Well now there’s an app that will direct hot and bothered New Yorkers to the nearest location where they’ll find plenty of free condoms. In an effort to promote safe sex in a technology savvy world, this week the city […]

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So What Do Women REALLY Want To Hear… An Expert Tells Us

Being a single man nowadays is easy for some, but for others — not so much. For those who aren’t born with the gifts of gab and swag, there’s Love Systems, a company that guarantees it could mold your average Screech into the smoothest guy in the room. Love Systems claims to level the playing […]

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