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Amazing Time-Lapse Video Shows Girl From Birth To 12-Years-Old

Talk about capturing every single moment of your child’s life. One filmmaker did just that, after shooting footage of his kids nearly every day of their lives and later stringed it together to make two incredible time-lapse videos. Frans Hofmeester filmed his daughter Lotte from the day she was born to the present day, at […]

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Amazing Video Of Tornadoes Tossing Around Tractor Trailers Like Toys

DALLAS-FORT WORTH, Texas (TRP) – A series of tornadoes wreaked havoc in Texas Tuesday where they tossed around tractor-trailers, ripped the roof off an elementary school, leveled countless homes and shut down all airline traffic in a good portion of the state. The Dallas-Fort Worth area was the hardest hit where destruction could be seen […]

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