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HOT 97′s Angie Martinez dishes on ‘Idol’ gig and the rap song that got her hooked

  NEW YORK (PIX11) – Anyone who grew up listening to hip hip radio in the tri-state knows the voice of Angie Martinez and knows it well. Whether she’s getting a shout out from President Barack Obama or giving Drake career advice, the Angie Martinez show has become a pit stop for celebrities and politicians […]

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Women undergoing pricey cosmetic procedure to get perfect engagement ring selfie

  NEW YORK (TRP) – From those momentous life events to the ever-so mindless status updates, social media provides a platform for just about anyone who has news to share. Announcing your engagement is one of them and for brides-to-be, the “I just got engaged” selfie is a must-do. The trend has selfie addicts searching […]

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