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How The Colorado ‘Dark Knight’ Theater Shooting Tragedy Unraveled Online

AURORA, Colorado (TRP) – As investigators begin to piece together the events that led to the horrific shooting inside a Colorado movie theater where a deranged gunman wounded a total of 71 people, killing 12, during a midnight showing of the Batman movie, several stories in connection to the tragedy have emerged across the web. […]

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City Comes Together To Grant Sick Child’s Wish To Be Batman For A Day

ARLINGTON, Texas (TRP) – 7-year-old Kye, who suffers from leukemia, had a dream to become Batman for a day, where he would foil crime, arrest the bad guys and protect the city. Kye’s “Ultimate Batman Adventure” wish was granted this past weekend when the police and fire departments of his hometown of Arlington came together […]

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