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Skechers’ Sneakers Cannot Get You Kim Kardashian’s Butt: Court Ruling

NEW YORK (TRP) – Well this should come to no surprise, Kim Kardashian is a liar, among other things. A U.S. sneaker maker will now have to pay $40 million following a settlement Wednesday that ruled the company misled consumers into thinking that wearing their fitness shoes will make you lose weight and strengthen your […]

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Joel McHale Goes Viral With Anti-Commercial “Viral” Nintendo Commercial

  Joel Mchale, host of the E! Network’s The Soup, was on a mission to do a non-commercial looking ad for Nintendo that he wanted to go viral. So what did he end up with? An anti-commercial, viral commercial for Nintendo that really isn’t a commercial but sort of is. Wait, what? “It’s hard to […]

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