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City Comes Together To Grant Sick Child’s Wish To Be Batman For A Day

ARLINGTON, Texas (TRP) – 7-year-old Kye, who suffers from leukemia, had a dream to become Batman for a day, where he would foil crime, arrest the bad guys and protect the city. Kye’s “Ultimate Batman Adventure” wish was granted this past weekend when the police and fire departments of his hometown of Arlington came together […]

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Valentine’s Day Shocker: Dinner, Date & Gift For Under $15

There are just a few weeks left until Valentine’s Day, which is more than enough time for even the stingiest man to get it together. Our resident MacGuyver, Andrew Ramos managed to put together a dinner, date and gift all for under 15 bucks! With a little help from a local 99 cents store, a […]

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3 Slick Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas That Will Make Anyone Look Adorable

Every year, people make such a big deal about Valentine’s Day: what to buy, where to go and most importantly – who to spend it with. And after it’s all said and done, you’re hundreds of dollars in the hole and probably feeling a little silly. After all, Valentine’s Day is a manufactured holiday conjured […]

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