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‘Fresh Prince’ Star Leads ‘Carlton Dance’ Flash Mob In Hollywood [VIDEO]

HOLLYWOOD (TRP) –  What happens when you put together a 90’s sitcom star, his signature dance move and hundreds of people breaking out in it across the country … the #bestthingever! Alfonso Ribeiro, better known as Carlton Banks from the “Fresh Prince Of Bel Air,” led a group of dancers where they broke out in […]

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Coke Vending Machine Takes Hugs Instead Of Money

SINGAPORE (TRP) – Whoever said vending machines don’t need some loving every now and then? One Coca-Cola vending machine at the National University of Singapore is offering up a free can of coke in exchange for a big, warm hug. According to Forbes, the machine was installed overnight at the campus and is part of […]

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How To NOT Sell Your Home: The Worst Real Estate ‘For Sale’ Photos EVER

While location remains a major factor in selling a home, photos advertising the actual property should be given more attention, or at the least NOT left in the hands of a rookie agent. The Hooked On Houses blog gathered up a bevy of real estate advertising photos that truly go down as the worst. If […]

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