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Man Wears Skirt To Comfort Dress-Wearing Son (VIDEO)

GERMANY (TRP) – Some people are calling him “Father of the Year,” while others say he’s far from it. A man attempted to make  his 5-year-old  — who likes wearing dresses — feel more comfortable after he put on a skirt himself. A photo that surfaced this week, shows the father Nils Pickert walking around […]

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Suspicious Dad Sends Autistic Son To School With Wire, Exposes Teachers As Bullies

CHERRY HILL, New Jersey (TRP) – It’s a shocking story that will send a shiver down the spine of any parent with a child with autism. According to his father, 10-year-old Akian who has autism, was always a sweet and gentle child so when notes from his teachers describing him as violent and aggressive  started […]

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Amazing Time-Lapse Video Shows Girl From Birth To 12-Years-Old

Talk about capturing every single moment of your child’s life. One filmmaker did just that, after shooting footage of his kids nearly every day of their lives and later stringed it together to make two incredible time-lapse videos. Frans Hofmeester filmed his daughter Lotte from the day she was born to the present day, at […]

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