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From ‘twerk’ to ‘ratchet’ — what are our teens talking about?

  NEW YORK (TRP) — From being ratchet to keeping it 100, doesn’t it seem like teens speak their own language sometimes? If you feel this way, you’re not alone. Over the years the vernacular of the youth has evolved but don’t worry because PIX11′s Ramos is here to give you a little 101 on […]

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Is Miley Cyrus a twerking disaster or the smartest Disney drop-out ever?

  NEW YORK – Even if you tried, you couldn’t avoid hearing about the buzz surrounding Miley Cyrus’s titillating VMA performance Sunday night that left many viewers scratching their heads and asking the question: What just happened? It was the final phase of the transformation that took Cyrus from the Disney alumni club straight to […]

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