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Voice Of Elmo Resigns Amid Growing Child Sex Scandal

  It’s a Sesame Street shocker for Elmo fans, as Kevin Clash — the longtime puppeteer and voice of the beloved red muppet, has resigned from the PBS children’s show amid a growing sex scandal involving underage boys. According to a TMZ report, Clash resigns on the day a second accuser comes forward alleging Clash […]

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Most Comprehensive Explanation of the David Petraeus Scandal in 60 Seconds

  NEW YORK (TRP) – From Lewinsky-gate to Anthony Weiner’s Epic Twitter fail, we’ve certainly have had our fair share of political scandals over the past few years. And now, just when you thought America couldn’t out-do itself …  introducing: David Petraeus Sexcapade 2012, which some say truly takes the cake when it comes down […]

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This Spooky YouTube Video Can Read Your Mind

  Prepare to have your mind blown. This YouTube video is on a quest to prove just how predictable we really are. Some say claim its simple math but we believe its witchcraft. It has to be. [via GAWKER]

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