Yay, Boo & Meh Week In Review

It was a week of catastrophic ship wrecks, scantily clad divas and singing politicians — and we’re just talking about Thursday’s GOP debate. Let’s take a look back at the week that was, shall we.

YAY to President Obama’s Al Green Freestyle: President Barack Obama may have been the topic of conversation at the GOP’s Presidential debate this week, but it was his vocal stylings that went viral. The Commander-in-chief paid tribute to Reverend Al Green, singing some of the R&B legend’s classic song “Let’s Stay Together” on Thursday at the Apollo Theatre in Harlem.  If a second term doesn’t pan out, I’m thinking ‘Presidential Idol’ ?

BOO to Captain Francesco Schettino: As more details begin to surface in the Italian cruise ship disaster that left 11 people dead, there’s no question that Captain Francesco Schettino is not only worthy of this week’s BOO but is also a shockingly spineless example of a human being. Schettino is accused of multiple manslaughter, causing a shipwreck and abandoning his crew and passengers to fend for themselves. BOO indeed.

MEH to Chuck Norris Endorses Newt Gingrich: Yep. It’s true. Walker Texas Ranger has put his weight and star power behind Newt Gingrich. At this point, we might as well cancel the South Carolina presidential primary as we have a winner. A clear winner. Now if someone would just shut his ex-wife’s mouth up, it’ll be smooth sailing. (NOTE: I should also mention, today is national ridiculous day where Americans are encouraged to say ridiculous things for unknown ridiculous reasons.)

YAY to Rihanna’s Twitpic Account: I mean, when you put a sexy pop star, string bikini and an elliptical machine together… its a formula for success and countless yays. A massive shout out goes to Rihanna who went on a bikini picture tweeting spree, sending the web universe into a tizzy and the world pondering about how much of an idiot Chris Brown is.

BOO to Ricky Gervais: One word to describe Ricky Gervais’ performance as host of Sunday’s Golden Globes: UNEVENTFUL. With so much hype leading to his second year at the mic, many thought he was going to go for Hollywood’s jugular, but he opted for the light tap on the bum. Don’t you ever waste my time like that again. I missed Oprah’s exclusive Chris Christie interview, jerk.

MEH to Awards Show Season: And now that we’re talking about awards… I am so over awards season and it just started. The idea of a bunch of rich, famous people we will never be able to relate to, gathering in a room to give themselves awards and to tout their awesomeness, kinda boggles my mind. When was the last time I got a freaking award for going to work… I mean I did recently win a free lunch at Chipotle for me and my co-workers, but that’s different.

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