Red Alert: Mountain Dew Will Turn Mice Into Jelly

In today’s nasty news you can use… keep this in mind the next time you reach for that can of Mountain Dew: it can turn a mouse into jelly.

It’s just the latest revelation to come out in court proceedings between the soft drink’s maker and a Wisconsin man whose suing the company after he claimed he found a mouse in his can of Mountain Dew.

According to published reports, back in 2009, Ronald Ball was enjoying a sip of the citrus-flavored soda when he discovered a dead mouse chilling inside his can. Instead of contacting the Gloria Alred’s of the legal world, he claimed he sent the dead mouse back to Pepsi headquarters where he is convinced they destroyed it.

In an attempt to get the lawsuit tossed out — and an immediate effort to scare away consumers from “Doing the Dew” ever again — a scientist testified on behalf of the company last week claiming that it would have been impossible for the rodent to stay in its form during the bottling process as the chemicals and ingredients used to make the ‘Dew’ would have apparently liquefied it into a “jelly-like substance.”

So as The Atlantic Wire beautifully put it, Mountain Dew “is essentially a can of bright green/yellow battery acid.”

Ball, who is seeking damages of $50,000 is slated to go head to head with PepsiCo in a Wisconsin courtroom on Jan. 11.

In the meantime, enjoy this hilarious Mountain Dew commercial from back in the day… It’s funny. Soda that makes mice turn to jelly – not so funny.

[The Atlantic Wire]

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